Michael Capponi And Company Welcome Miami’s Elite

This article is taken from: http://worldredeye.com/2014/11/inlist-miami-launch-at-shelborne-wyndham-grand/

Just this isn’t SoBe, and Capponi isn’t remaining in any old forsaken building. This is a forsaken building in a standout amongst the most neglected nations on the planet: Haiti. What was he considering!

That is not all. This is no decadent SoBe undertaking to make a club space for a couple of hundred individuals to drink and move throughout the night. Capponi’s new mission includes repairing an entire city – if not the whole nation.

As of 2014, the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach hotel had been newly transformed, and one of the events celebrating this transformation was the unveiling of a new nightlife app called InList. A launch party hosted by Gideon Kimbrell and Michael Capponi welcomed some of the most elite individuals from Miami to get a glimpse of the revolutionary software.

michael capponi

There were over one thousand five hundred guests at this commemoration, and the phrase “no expense was spared” seems eminently appropriate. For example, the well-known Jaime Foxx made an appearance, as did Omar Benson Miller, best known for his role in CSI Miami. There were many others, and the celebratory activities included poolside relaxation, VIP cabanas, and much more. Which is to be expected! After all, the renovation preceding the event ended up costing some ninety million. It’s no wonder Sonic Butterfly was booked to entertain at the event; nor that they pulled out all the stops with a performance of exceptional drama.

Capponi and Kimbrell went as big as they could for this occasion, and there’s a clear reason why: InList lets those “in the know” find out where the best action is across over twenty nightlife hot-spots the world over; and this event was just like others the well-informed can enjoy.

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